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DC Youth Need $25 Million for Out of School Time Programs

When our kids participate in out of school time programs (OST) outside of the typical school day and year – before school, after school, or in summer school – they see greater academic success, improved engagement in school, and more positive health outcomes.

By the time a student reaches the 6th grade, they can have over 6,000 additional learning hours compared to their peers that do not have access to a high-quality and affordable OST program. Some OST programs include DC Scores, Sitar Arts, Boys and Girls Club, Horton's Kids, beforecare and aftercare provided at public schools, and countless others.


While we know how important OST programs are for our kids, the citywide budget has been cut by 63% since 2010. This means that families across DC - particularly low-income families - have less access to high-quality OST programs.

In October, in a study commissioned by the Mayor’s Office, the DC Policy Center reported that we have more kids who want a seat in an OST program than kids who are enrolled, and that not enough of our kids can find a high-quality OST program.

Data shows that it is even harder for students in wards 7 and 8 to find a high-quality OST program, because fewer programs are located East of the Anacostia River.


Mayor Bowser and the DC Council should invest at least $25 million for OST Programs in the 2019 budget, to ensure that DC students facing the largest barriers have a seat in a high-quality OST program.

We believe that all of our children deserve access to an outstanding school no matter where they live – and the same should be true of our children’s access to critical OST programs.

We also know that OST programs helped so many of us, as young people, find our joy for learning, build on what we learned in the classroom, and be productive in the hours after school and in the summer, when our parents were still at work.

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